Artist. Hopeless Romantic. Presbyterian (PCUSA). Love of anything Scottish. Foodie. Writer. Etc.

This blog is meant to express, to amuse, to muse, to rant, and ramble. I have ADD so I think about 10 million things per minute, and so I have a lot to write about. I aspire to improve my writing ability and I make it a point to journal every odd and beautiful line that I hear either externally or floating through my head, but I also have a weird and terrible habit of talking to myself. Perhaps if I blog it won’t be considered so socially taboo. Because technically I’m talking to someone. I hope to talk about all my loves and fascinations, all my emotional and spiritual epiphanies and all the wonderful things that I experience in my life, plus rant about the terrible things as well. I will talk about certain things more than others. Like my obsession with Outlander will probably be mentioned quite a bit. And my love of food, especially sushi. I hope you find a commonality and a connection in my writing, but even if you don’t sometimes it’s just nice to have a listening ear.

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