Going To Scotland!!!!!

It’s official! On June 7, I will be headed to Scotland for the second time. The first time I went I was only in middle school and so I remember it, but the memories have faded a bit. I’ll be headed with my school, Presbyterian College on a trip called a Maymester. I’m sure other schools call it this, but it’s called that because it usually happens in May. My two favorite professors are leading the trip and I’m so excited.

Of course the main draw of this trip is that I haven’t been to Scotland since I found Outlander. I’ve been lots of places, I’ve been very lucky for someone my age, to be able to have been to all the places I’ve gotten to go, but I’m so excited about Scotland. I’ve felt the love of this country in my heart my whole life and I’m so ready to be there. I don’t know what to expect this time. My parents showed me Scotland the first time and it was amazing but this time I have to do a lot of the experiencing myself. I still remember what I learned about Stirling Castle, and the art museum in the middle of the woods near Glasgow, I remember walking the streets of Edinburgh, sitting on the bank of Loch Lomond and loving every bit of it all. I remember I felt like I was in this private part of the world, a paradise, where even though you have the ability to be connected with the rest of the world, you can choose to not be, to just live peacefully and quietly by yourself. The mountains and lochs embrace you and make you feel safe.

I have a friend who also blogs, and she’s been living in Scotland for the past year going to grad school. It has been a testament to my limited short experience to hear of her spiritual journey that Scotland has led her on. It’s been wonderful to follow her journey.

Last week I watched Episode 208 of Outlander, the episode in season two where Clair and Jamie travel back to familiar Scotland. You could feel the reverence for which the show had for Scotland. It was palpable, how they felt as the fans did, that we all were truly coming home. Well Scotland, here I come, I’m heading home!

I’ll blog about my travels as we go and maybe post some pics on here as well. Can’t wait!!!


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