Because I Need To Write…

I’m writing this post. Not because anyone will read it. No one is probably going to read it, but maybe sharing it here will give someone a bit of something, whatever that may be. It will be short, because I’m only beginning to figure out what I need to say. 

I’m 22 years old. About to graduate college, like in a month. I have a summer job and a plan for the next full year of my life. I’m still terrified. I know we should have learned by now that it’s not about box checking, but I think it’s been drilled into our generation for so long that it’s hard to let go of. I have a few boxes checked. But there’s still so much to go and do. 

I’m terrified not because I don’t think I’ll be enough, even though that is a real fear of mine. I’m terrified because everything is just beginning and the world seems so big and wide, and yet the voices telling me it’s already over keep chiming in. I haven’t done anything yet. I haven’t even gotten started and there are so many obstacles in my way. But the biggest obstacle for me and others in my place? The fear of the generation that raised us. Our creative spirit, our drive to change the world paired with the skills that only the latest generations have whatever you determine those to be, our softness of heart, maybe sometimes to our own detriments. Our unfailing need to be politically correct. Our need to inspire ourselves and others. To use technological outlets to let each other know that we are not alone. The generation that raised us is afraid this is not enough to make us great. In their fear and worry they see the cracks more than the beauty. I’m not saying it’s our job to fix how they see us, but our job is to not let that view influence how we see ourselves. 

We will prove them wrong, or at least assuage some of their fears by diving in despite our fears. You always hear that you can do anything you want. Guess what? Our generation makes that true, in a new way, a brighter way. 

Love the world. Learn to love yourself. Dive in. Get started. However you come to a place to know yourself, find a way to make it happen. Be you. 

Love always,