What’s The Next Step?

Next step after Graduation…okay, what now? As I think about that day looming ahead, where I walk across that stage, I find myself thinking more and more about what’s next. 

I have a plan, but even living out a plan is subject to life’s ups and downs of course. Moving out and moving on, is that the mantra? I should think of a better one. Because I’m not ready to say goodbye to the place that raised me. That’s another post though. Coming soon.

In this post I just want to say that the first step is making a plan. The second is making that plan take shape, the third is starting the plan, and the fourth is living the plan and all that that entails. Everything from where, who with, how much, what you’re  doing, what’s for dinner, who do I talk to, where’s the bathroom, where do I go to church, should I go to church, should I kiss him, should I kiss her, I don’t want to do this, I totally should do this, I want to do this, I totally should want to do this but I don’t, etc etc etc. 

Breathe. And repeat. What I mean is that life is all about defining the next step all the while trying to live in the moment. It’s an impossible and super messy job but it’s what living is about. The key is, that if you find yourself scared and without a next step, being willing to reach out and ask for help. Also you can be someone else’s guide, the one who pulls them off the street corner and helps them find their next step. Humble yourself and be nice to everyone. That’s what my mother taught me and so far it’s served me pretty well. God taught me to love everyone, and so I do.
Love you all even if you don’t see me,